Today, IT staff from Apricity Resources traveled to Middle Tennessee State University to provide support for a hardware and software refresh in the Air Traffic Control (ATC) Lab. While there, the IT staff was able to diagnose and resolve stability challenges with software related to tower and radar simulators in the lab. The staff and students at MTSU said that they are impressed with the technical acumen and expertise of the IT staff at Apricity Resources, and with their ability to quickly assess the data flow issues and understand the complexities of the unique lab environment.

Associate Professor Gail Zlotky, MTSU’s Air Traffic – Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) Program Coordinator, said, “Working with Apricity Resources in the ATC lab gave us the ability to realize the full potential of our lab. Seeing how much technology has progressed over the past decade and learning about how that technology can be utilized in NextGen ATC training was a crucial experience.”

The Apricity Resources staff are also looking forward to collaborating with the ATC lab on similar projects in the future.